Missing Classmates

When updating your profile PLEASE include your address and email. We need to be able to stay in touch with you as the reunion details progress. Thank you.

Not all of our classmates were found in the 1964 yearbook. If you know someone that you cannot find listed anywhere on this site please contact me with their name and I will make sure they get added asap.

Cathy Adair
Sandra Allen (Davern)
Nancy Baker
Dawn Bannister
Graciela Barbero
Martin Benedict
James Bentley
Mary Louise Blair
Darlene Bowman (Creech)
John Braden
Marvin Bright
Edward Brown
Sandra Byttner (Brennan)
Isaac Catt
Bob Challacombe
Joyce Chambers
Linda Curtis (Haines)
Phil Daugherty
Mary Davern (Schuler)
Linda David (Lester)
Cherryl Davin (Apple)
Kay Davis (Kidney)
Skip Dibble
Murtis Eargle
Maria Febert (Benedict-Herrick)
Judy Frederick (Williams)
Peggy Garland (Koso)
Jim Gilkison
Charles Goeb
Bruce Goeden
Greg Grant
Helen Greene
Sharon Griffin
Dorothy Grimes (Thompson)
Stephen Halbett
April Hammer
Steven Harris
Wayne Harris
Don Henderson
Don Hess
Sue Hobbs (Causer)
Camille Hollingshead
Shirley Houston
Michaele Huggins (Willis)
Marcia Hughes
Sharon Johnson
Sheri Lawrence
Reva Logan
Loreen Loux (Grey)
Howard Lyden
Carol Martin (McBride)
Marie Mathe (Morrison)
Richard McElroy
Kenneth Meadows
Cheryl Miller (Hoover)
Joy Miller (Albright)
Karen Miller (Reeves)
Nancy Ellen Moore
Nancy Irene Moore (Dodson)
Dennis Morriss
Carol Patch
Ronald Peters
Harold Pierce
Frank Platt
Barbara Plemmons (Westbrook)
Tom Porter
Kathy Proskovec
Marvin Reynolds
Lela Richardson
Jill Rodgers
Harold Ropella
Darlene Ross (Appenfeller)
Irene Sambrano
Joyce Scheidegger (Airkner)
Bonnie Schwindt (DeDonder)
Galen Senogles
Thomas Shaughnessy
Berthena Simpson (Crites)
Linda Spetter (Pusch)
Jeannette Stanford
Barbara Starr
June Stiles
Carol Streeter
Alan Tipton
Betty Waller (Felix)
William Waller
Carol Werner
Betty Willey (Clark)
Michelle Williams (Bade)
Gregory Wilson
Marvin Wilson
Dale Wolf
Vonnie Wood
Nan Worley (Beeson Jr)
Linda Zayac (Auwarter)
Carol Zejda
Janice Zupan (Anjoule)