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09/17/14 12:19 PM #10    

Marci Fuller (Huffman)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Reunion Committee!  What a tremendous job you did.  It was a huge success.  It was so good to see so many attend.  This website is terrific and I'm happy that it is going to continue.  Many of us are on FaceBook, but this site lets us talk to each other in a very special way about memories, our families, and all those great things that classmates like to share with each other.  Hopefully, some of our "missing" classmates will hear about it and join in.  Thank you, again!  

09/18/14 06:36 PM #11    


Pamela Downey (Hoyt)

Hi to all my classmates.  And a special hello to Bob and the reunion committee, you guys and gals were great. Thank you for all your hard work.  Enjoyed trying to speak to everyone, it was so good to see you all there.  Looking forward to maybe a 70th Birthday party for all of us, sounds fun.  And not quite so much work.  Both Bill and I had such a good time.  Hoping to hear from my classmates now that we've reconnected. 


Pam (Downey) Hoyt. 






09/21/14 09:42 PM #12    

Sharon Worthington (Germonprez)

The HPHS 64-50th Reunion was great and so nice to see everyone.  THANK YOU to Bob Dennison, Janell Greer (McPherson), Laura Dalrymple, Latina (Tina) Pusch (Ritchie), Ruth Ann Stiles (Watson), Bill Araiza, Sondra McDowell (Staley) and Janice (Jan) Newman (Richardson for all of your hard work on the reunion.  Sharon (Worthington) Germonprez

09/22/14 10:42 AM #13    

Linda Maag (Perney)

What a wonderful weekend.  We have trouble organizing a family birthday party so I am very appreciative of all the work the reunion committee did to make last weekend such a tremendous success.  Thank you, thank you! 

09/22/14 07:27 PM #14    

Laura Dalrymple

I loved seeing everyone and Jim and I are excited and looking forward to our next get together. What s grand time.

09/23/14 02:47 PM #15    


Barbara Becker (Rew)

I know several people were taking pictures at the dinner/dance. I hope someone posts some here for everyone to see!

09/23/14 08:55 PM #16    


Bob Dennison

I have asked for them, but so far no one has sent any.

09/24/14 07:22 AM #17    


Ruth Ann Stiles (Watson)

Bob, thanks for the names with the group photo!


09/24/14 01:47 PM #18    

Camille Ging (Sutton)

Hi Bob Dennison,

Thanks for all the work getting the names below the group picture! What a job!

 I tried to print off a copy so I could put the names with my picture, but it would not print clearly. There were images  that covered part of the picture and names. Don't know why. Do you know?

Grace and Peace,

Camille Sutton (Ging)

09/25/14 06:09 AM #19    


Bob Dennison

No I don't. I will try to post the names in another way as soon as I can.

09/25/14 10:02 AM #20    

Harry Hauschild

Hello Bob!  I'll try to view that class photo on my laptop, it's way to small on my iPhone for old eyes to make out names or details! Lol. And my memory is pretty much gone too.., but it maybe  my good friend Tom Mundy?  I know we walked up for the group photo together.

Again, wish to join with all the others to convey thanks to you and the reunion commitee for giving us a great event... High school was a great time In our lives and your efforts and this website help us to remember and revisit out past!

09/25/14 09:15 PM #21    


Bob Dennison

I found out that it was George Champney. I didn't get a photo of him during the reunion so that's why I couldn't figure out who it was. Thank you for helping out.

11/20/14 05:15 AM #22    


Russ Wilcox

Class of 64:

I never was a huge fan of country music, but when I heard this song by local celebrity Kenny Chesney, I thought that it really captured how I feel about my new life here in "The Islands" & wanted to share it with you.


11/21/14 06:24 AM #23    

Camille Ging (Sutton)

Thanks for posting! What a neat story! God bles her...

11/21/14 09:23 AM #24    

Shirley Goodwin (Evans)

Beautiful song,  beautiful creation how Blessed   you are.

Shirley Goodwin Evans

11/24/14 06:09 AM #25    


Russ Wilcox

I've had this video posted on the Class of 63 website since last year & thought some of you in the Class of 1964 would like to see it also. It was taken from original 8mm movies provided by Coach Bob Jennings during the 1962-63 school year.  See if you recognize anyone. . .

11/25/14 04:03 PM #26    

Marci Fuller (Huffman)

That was a great video!  Golly, everyone one was sooooo young!  A BUNCH of good-lookin' fellas!

12/05/14 10:56 AM #27    


Russ Wilcox

I've been trying my hand at writing since we've move to the Islands.  Here is my first attempt:


12/06/14 02:37 PM #28    

Don Hervey

Hey Russ,

   I enjoyed the "tripe" and I'm glad you are happy in the Carribbean.


12/15/14 05:42 AM #29    


Russ Wilcox

Many thanks to Robin Kime Lee  (Class of 63) for sharing this wonderful Vietnam Wall website:



01/06/15 12:54 PM #30    

Camille Ging (Sutton)

Happy Birthday Elaine and God Bless you!

03/01/15 10:46 AM #31    


Russ Wilcox

Re-posting due to recent changes to how the website displays videos:


04/03/15 03:58 PM #32    

Marva Lewis (Redick)

I'd like the blind tiger

04/13/16 10:47 AM #33    


Russ Wilcox

You may have to log in to your Television Service provider to watch, but here is a link to the HGTV program about our house in St. Thomas:


10/14/16 06:51 PM #34    

Marci Fuller (Huffman)

I have posted in Announcements Di's Celebration of Life services time and place. It is still so unreal that she is gone. 

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